Watercolor Basics (18+ adult)


Watercolor Basics (18+ adult)


6 Fridays; 11:30 - 1:30 pm

February 23-March 30, 2018 $150.00 (6 classes)     

This course is for those who have always wanted to learn to paint in watercolor but have never had the time or the courage to try. This course has been perfected over a number of years and will give students a solid grounding from which to progress. A great brushup to students returning to the medium. 

Materials & Setup                 

Watercolor Techniques (demonstrations)           

Composition & Elements of design               

We will experiment with still life, portraits, landscape and/or abstract painting and start to evolve your personal style.  We will refer to artists who have stood the test of time such as Winslow, Homer and Sargeant as well as more contemporary artists who use watercolor as a journaling and sketching technique




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