“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
— . ~Thomas Merton

Great artists have always been extremely playful in their work. The Creativity Workshop is one of the only workshops that works with all kinds of creative artists in the same class. 


People working in creative fields need time to tune into their mischievous side or they risk their work getting cautious and stale. Professional creatives need to keep their creative juices flowing regardless of the constraints of the marketplace.

We  work across the artistic spectrum with exercises that evoke the universal and the archetypal and we focus on the artistic process.   Exercises, actually playing, is geared to helping creative people reclaim or expand their sense of experimentation, wonder, and fun. 

Our exercises in guided visualization, automatic writing and drawing, team writing, mapping, photography, memoir and creative writing, storytelling, collage and sense perception will take your mind ‘off message’ just enough to open up to powerful new images and ideas that can serve that message even more effectively.

Class time is divided between experiential exercises, teachers’ talks, and individual and group work. Class atmosphere is nurturing, inspiring, and fun. It can be life-changing.

Saturday, March 3 10 am - 5 pm

Creatives Dinner at The Beehive, Bristol

Sunday, March 4  10 am - 5 pm